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Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Bloggvärlden är en varm plats om man ids sprida kärlek. Jag har blivit nominerad till ett ”pris”, och därför fortsätter detta inlägg på engelska, så jag kan sprida bloggvärmen vidare.

I most heartfully thank my fellow blogger Jess at   Therapy Bread for nominating me to the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. I’m honoured and accept it with joy.


So, here are the rules.

1.  Display the award on your blog.


2.  Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.


3.  Present 15 deserving bloggers with the award (in no particular order):

Smultron och lavendel

Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

Stefan’s gourmet blog

The Bartolini Kitchen

Daily in a kitchen

Chica andaluza

Bewitching kitchen

Curls and carrots

Tankar i huvudet på en svenska i Rom

M som i underbar


mejas mat

Fröken Tårta


Link your winners in the post and let them know of their being awarded.


5.  Tell seven interesting things about yourself.

  1. I’m trying to write a PhD thesis in political science. It’s a slow uphill  battle which I eventually will win. Hopefully.
  2. I have lived in four countries outside my native Sweden.
  3. I love a good challenge. I don’t always succeed, but hey, one has to try, right?
  4. I’m a city girl who just loves the forest.
  5. I’m incredibly disorganised, and have no clue how I actually succeed with the tasks I take on.
  6. Next to cooking, I LOVE discussing politics over strong coffee in an obscure office.
  7. In ”my youth” I used to practice modern pentathlon.


Now, keep on spreading blog-love!




6 reaktioner till “Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. Congratulations to you for receiving this much-deserved award. Surely there will be more to come. Thank you, too, for nominating me for the award. I’m honored by your kindness and for including my blog in the list of such fine blogs.


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